Our Pastor

St. Mark’s current shepherd is the Rev. Benjamin Tomczak.  Pastor Tomczak is a 1998 graduate of Michigan Lutheran Seminary, one of two ministerial education preparatory high schools of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  He earned a B.A. from Martin Luther College in 2002 and an M.Div from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 2006.

Pastor Tomczak served as a vicar (one-year intern) from 2004-2005 at Living Savior Lutheran Church in Asheville, North Carolina, before returning for his final year at the Seminary.  In May 2006, he graduated and was assigned to be pastor of St. Mark Lutheran Church in Duncanville.

His call at St. Mark is pretty typical — preach and preside over worship, administer the Means of Grace, teach youth and  adults, instruct catechumans of every age, visit members, prospects, the sick and shut-in, coordinate outreach efforts, and basically find all possible ways to save some (as the apostle Paul would say).  He also serves in a variety of ways in addition to his main call as the shepherd of St. Mark Lutheran Church:

  • Occasional vacancy preacher at Mt. Zion, Hillsboro, TX
  • Secretary, South Central Conference of the South Central District
  • Essay Committee, South Central Conference of the South Central District
  • Secretary, South Central District of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
  • Member (Vice-Chairman), Governing Board, Michigan Lutheran Seminary, Saginaw, MI
  • Book Reviewer, non-proprietary books, Northwestern Publishing House
  • Book Reviewer, The Shepherd’s Study, a continuing education blog at Grow in Grace, the continuing education website of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

Pastor Tomczak is the husband of Kristen and the father of Katherine, Samuel, and Hannah and loves finding ways to spend time with them.

In his spare time, he enjoys sports of any kind (especially college football), reading (theology, church history, history in general, politics, historical fiction, some horror/fantasy/sci-fi),  politics, and his professional studies.  His favorite book is whatever he’s reading at the moment.  He’s convinced that if a book has been published, he should probably own it.

On his nightstand right now:

  • Christian Worship: A Lutheran Hymnal
  • From Babel to Dragomans: Interpreting the Middle East, by Bernard Lewis
  • In the Shadow of the Sword, by Tom Holland
  • Selected Poems, TS Eliot

He also enjoys writing (which is good since he has to write at least one sermon every week).  You could find examples of his writing in the New Ulm Journal (where he worked as a sports writer from 1999-2002 while in college), in Theologia (the student theological journal of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary), on Living Bold (the WELS Teen E-Zine), and in the 1998-2002 editions of the Knight’s Page (Martin Luther College’s student magazine).  Currently he can also be found lurking on a few Lutheran blogs and in various Facebook discussion groups devoted to theological discussion.

To speak with Pastor Tomczak, you can call him at his office (972-298-0891) or email him at catokafka [at] yahoo [dot] com.


  1. OK, I made it to your website, have marked it as a favorite, and fully intend to go back to it to read your sermons! Thanks, Pastor Ben 🙂 God bless your work–and your family! Love, Mom S.

  2. Great site, Ben. I’m looking for ways to get my small church online and I may use this as an example.

  3. Well as you know we are friends and fellow Christians. I will check in every now and then. Love the Blog and FB site. So happy St. Mark has you as their Pastor!
    Ps.. I feel the same about Shoes and you do Books

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