In the early years of the Reformation, one Roman Catholic critic of the fledgling Lutheran church declared that Lutherans were singing themselves to hell.  As so often happens, a derisive statement became a badge of honor.

From the Roman Catholic point of view, Lutheran hymns were damnable, because the hymns taught Lutheran doctrine.  From a Lutheran point of view, it was proudly noted that Lutheran hymnody was a great catechetical tool — Lutheran hymns taught Lutheran doctrine.

So should it always be!  As it has been said, Lex orandi, Lex credendi! “The law of prayer is the law of belief.”  In other words, what you sing and say in worship is determined by what you believe, and what you believe can be determined by what you sing and say in worship.

In that spirit, below are some hymns written by the pastor of St. Mark offered for the use of the Church.  Welcome are comments for improvements (artistic and doctrinal).

Anyone who desires is free to use these hymns, but please refrain from making changes without permission of the author and please give proper citation to the author and to the composer.  The tunes of these hymns are in the public domain and free to use.

Comments and suggestions can be sent to Pr. Benjamin Tomczak at catokafka[at]yahoo[dot]com.



Holy Week


Holy Communion/Lord’s Supper


The Word



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