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This blog serves a couple of purposes:

1)  It is a place where Biblically sound, Confessionally faithful materials are made available in the form of sermons preached at St. Mark Lutheran Church, quotations from the Lutheran Confessions, and interesting news stories that affect or impact St. Mark or the Church at large;

2)  It is St. Mark’s little corner of the world-wide web, where those who are searching for a church home, or have spiritual needs to be met (whether in the DFW area or around the world), might find a place to meet those needs, for as Paul says, we do all possible things so that we might save some.

If you have questions, comments, concerns, or wish to contact Pastor Tomczak or St. Mark, you can do so in the following ways:

Snail Mail: St. Mark Lutheran Church, 610 N. Cedar Ridge Rd., Duncanville, TX, 75116

Email: catokafka [at] yahoo [dot] com (Pastor Tomczak’s email)

Phone: 972-298-0891

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  1. I am impressed with the beautiful presentation and superb use of modern technology.

    The site was immediately shared with others.

    Since I opened the blog an hour ago, 27 visits were recorded. Amazing!

    Great job Pastor Ben and St Mark.


  2. keeping Jesus center stage as our only savior from our sins .

    I want people to walk away from my funeral knowing Jesus his works and ways to . And if they must and insist on remembering me, I hope they remember i was the cause of Jesus suffering.

    thanks pastor


    from Quemado,
    New Mexico

  3. I am by the grace of God His servant and worker from Kenya , me and my wife who is really assisting me and supporting me in all ways while outing mission for Jesus are working for the Lord and looking after the flock that the Lord has given to us.

    I ought always to thank God for you brethrens for the wonderful work you are doing for the Lord. I am highly encouraged and blessed for I have got the privilege to know, see, learn, and read the precious work you are doing for the Lord, I hereby request you to affiliate with us as we work together,

    Remain blessed as i wait to hear from you as you are able

    Yours in the Lord,

    Pastor onduso

  4. I like reading your massages. I lent a lot from it. May God bless you. SAMUEL writes.

  5. Samuel ~

    I’m glad you enjoy the messages! Thanks for commenting!

    Grace and peace,
    Pastor Tomczak

  6. During a significant interim period from 1970-1974, and 1975-1982+ precious seeds and seedlings were graciously planted and nurtured as future plans developed. “The banner year” of self-support continued as His stabilizing Word guided to Lutheran Day School planning along with a Lutheran ministry developing in DeSoto, TX.

    Blessings on you and St. Mark’s ministry to share the GOOD NEWS of the perfect Savior! For all the people!

    Of interest is Robert’s comment of 12-8-10. Our family uses the short-cut through Quemado to ABQ from ShowLow, AZ.

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