Bible Studies

Below you will find some of the Bible studies that have been offered at St. Mark since 2006.  Unless otherwise indicated they are Microsoft Word documents.  Also, with the exception of the 2 Peter study, they are also exclusively student guides, that is, no answers provided. (If you are desperately in need of the teacher’s guide — that is, answers, please leave a comment requesting them.)

Our curriculum seeks to balance out a variety of areas of study:  books of the Bible,  topics based on the Lutheran Confessions, doctrinal topics, practical topics, and topics of immediate interest (current events).

The Antichrist

The Augsburg Confession — Articles 1-10

Bible Study Skills

The Christian and Elections

End Times

Formula of Concord


The Large Catechism

The Lord’s Supper as Luther Taught

Marriage Advice from the Guy with 1,000 Wives

The Gospel of Mark

The Names of God

Sanctification: Alive in Christ

Smalcald Articles

Story Time with Jesus — A Study of Six Parables

A Study of 2 Peter

What Every Worshiper Should Know

What Luther says about…


  1. This may be out of order, but I’m starting with the Article 4 of the Augsburg Confession: Justification Bible Study. I’ve printed it off and am starting it tonight. thank you

  2. Hello Pastor Tomczak,
    I would love to borrow some of these studies and get answer keys too! I am a staff minister in Alberta, Ca (especially the Judges ones)

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