Posted by: St. Mark Lutheran Church | January 28, 2012

New hymn added: “My soul boasts in the Lord alone”

A new hymn has been added to the hymnody page.  You can read it below.  At the “Hymnody” page you can download a Word file of the hymn.

My soul boasts in the Lord alone

Psalm 34

  1. My soul boasts in the Lord alone, at all times, even when I groan. I glorify the Lord’s great name, Whose Son in this meal me does claim.
  1. He saves me from my darkest fears, in days past and in future years. I called Him in my deep distress. “Absolved!” He said when I confessed.
  1. Today we taste and find Him good, we eat and drink Him as we should. Though others hunger and they thirst, feasting on Him no longer cursed.
  1. Come and I’ll teach you of the Lord, our Savior and our great Reward. Turn from your ways and seek His face, Seek Him who pours upon you grace.
  1. Our Father’s eyes see us His sons, He turns His face to His dear ones. But towards the wicked only hate, “Turn now, repent, it’s not too late.”
  1. In our great fears our soul cries out, to God the Lord our great redoubt. He comes so close in His dear Son, Who on the cross forgiveness won.
  1. Yes, true, our troubles seem so great, sorrow and trials seem our fate. Yet, Christ our Savior sees this too, our bones He heals and foes He slews.
  1. Foes of our God condemned all stand; redeemed, a righteous holy band, stands now this Church fed on our Lord, in heaven is our treasure stored.

Text: Benjamin Tomczak, b. 1980 (October 2011)

Tune: Christum Wir Sollen Loben Schon (Ein Enchiridion oder Handbuchlein, Erfurt, 1524, alt.)

(If you’re having trouble figuring out the tune, it’s “Now Praise We Christ the Holy One,” [Christian Worship, 39])

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