Posted by: St. Mark Lutheran Church | April 24, 2011

The Sun Shines in the Morning

Based on John 20:1-8

1.  The sun shines in the morning, it breaks through cloudy dawn; illuminates as warning to soldiers something wrong. It comes as God’s announcing: His Son is raised to life. It comes good news pronouncing: God’s vict’ry in our strife.

 2. The earth shakes with a quaking, it rumbles that bright morn.  The soldiers in their waking see mighty angel form. They fall as dead do perish, lie stricken in their fear, None see the tomb now emptied by God Who’s Ever-Near.

 3. He comes to doubting Mary.  She weeps beside His tomb. She came to see Him buried.  He came to lift her gloom. Now living, speaks in comfort, sparks confidence serene! And with her sends this message: “The living Lord I’ve seen!”

 4. Once dead but now arisen, Christ rules o’er all the earth. Death languishes in prison; He gives to us new birth. Love brought Him here to save us, Hope in our heart renews! He leads us in His service to spread His glad good news.

 5. And when we feel faint-hearted He stands right by our side. From Jesus never parted, we are His Church, His Bride. Though life’s great storms may shake us, He’ll never let us fall. Until at last we enter th’ eternal Banquet Hall.

  •  Text: Benjamin Tomczak, b. 1980, st. 1-4; Charis Carmichael-Braun, b. 1980, st. 5
  • Tune: Samuel S. Wesley, 1810-1876    
  • 76 76 D – Aurelia

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