Posted by: St. Mark Lutheran Church | April 22, 2011

Boldly He Prayed in Garden’s Darkest Place

Based on Psalm 16

1. Boldly He prayed in garden’s darkest place,“You are my refuge in this righteous race. There is no better thing for Me than You. Your will be done, for it is good and true.”

2. God’s wrathful portion, God’s most dreadful cup, He gave to Christ, for He could drink it up. And drink He did, He drank it to the end, to make His Father and His sons be friends.

 3. At Christ’s right hand the Father boldly stood; prophetic words, He made each of them good. All was fulfilled when Christ gave up His breath, “Finished,” He said, His body rests in death.

4. But not too long in death would Christ remain. Nor would the grave be His long-term domain. Decay, corruption, none would touch God’s Son. Raised back to life, declared God’s Holy One.

 5. Seated in power, at our Lord’s right hand, ruling, redeeming, on behalf of man, Christ now reigns glorious, intercedes for me. My sins atoned, by faith, He sets me free.

 6. Find you your refuge in the one, true God, Lord, Maker, Master, who on earth has trod. Father to Son His kingdom handed down; named Him Messiah, who wears heaven’s crown.

 7. Securely rests the bodies of God’s saints, the cords of death, the devil’s foul restraints, cast off, thrown off, true life again restored: “Blessed the dead who die now in the Lord!”

  •  Text: Benjamin Tomczak, b. 1980
  • Tune: Edward J. Hopkins, 1818-1901
  • 10 10 10 10 – Ellers

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