Posted by: St. Mark Lutheran Church | April 21, 2011

Our Lord Jesus Serves Us Supper

Based on 1 Corinthians 11:23-28, Exodus 12:7, 13, John 13:1

1.  Our Lord Jesus serves us supper, feeds our souls and gives us succor. By sin wasted, we go eat, and in this meal our Christ we meet.

2. Christ’s love in its fullest measure is here eaten in this treasure. Body given and betrayed, into your hands by shepherd laid.

3. Then Christ passes round the meal’s drink, this cup to His blood He has linked. Blood poured out on Calv’ry’s hill, given to you by God’s good will.

4. This same body suffered greatly, then laid in His tomb ornately. Laid to rest alive no more, until He tramped down Satan’s door.

5. Blood, God’s purifying agent, pours from Christ to cure our ailment. On our souls like Israel’s doors, placed there by faith it now is yours.

6. In this holy meal we savor, God’s great love and Christ’s great favor. Heaven opened by Christ’s blood Poured out in that great saving flood.

7. Now tonight we do proclaim this, Now tonight we make remembrance. Now tonight we eat and drink. As in this meal of Christ we think.

8. And when from this food we’ve taken, Like from some great dream awaken. Here a taste of heav’n’s delight, Here, in our faith, with God made right.

  •  Text: Benjamin Tomczak, b. 1980
  • Tune: (Klug, Geistliche Lieder auffs new gebessert, Wittenberg, 1535)
  • 88 78 – Jesus Christus, Unser Heilend, Der Von Uns

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