Posted by: St. Mark Lutheran Church | August 22, 2010

Summer Break on the Wane

Christian Education classes have taken a brief summer hiatus.  That hiatus is about to end.

  • This Wednesday, August 25, at 9:30am, our midweek Bible study will resume our discussion and study of the Formula of Concord, looking at Article III, concerning the righteousness of faith before God.  This class will meet in our Fellowship Hall until remodeling in the Education Building is complete.
  • Next Sunday, August 29, our confirmation classes will begin their year, with Bible History (especially for students in grades 5-6) and Catechism (especially for students in grades 7-8).  Classes meet at 1 and 2pm respectively.  Both meet at the Parsonage.
  • Sunday School will restart at 9:15am on Sunday, September 12.  The youth will focus on Bible History stories.  The adults will begin a study of the doctrine of predestination/election based on Article XI of the Formula of Concord (see recent posts reproducing that article).
  • Our adult instruction class, GOD 101, has been meeting on Monday evenings at 6pm and is nearly half-way through a course.

All are welcome to join us in our study of the Word of God.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment, or contact Pr. Benjamin Tomczak (972-298-0891; or catokafka [at] yahoo [dot] com).


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