Posted by: St. Mark Lutheran Church | November 23, 2009

Paul Aids Our Advent Understanding

The season of Advent allows us to focus upon the coming of Christ — His coming in the clouds at the end of times, His coming in Word and Sacrament daily, His coming in the flesh in the manger at Christmas.

As in year’s past, St. Mark will offer additional midweek Divine Services beginning on Wednesday, December 2 at 6:30 pm during the Advent season to meditate upon this coming and to gather around Word and Sacrament.

This year we will let the apostle Paul aid us in our Advent understanding from his letter to the Romans.  In addition, each week we’ll read a portion of the pre-Christmas story, recorded by Luke in his Gospel.

Here are the texts and themes:

  • 12/2/09 – Understand the Present Times, Romans 13:11-14 (Advent Reading:  Luke 1:1-25)
  • 12/9/09 – Understand the Scriptures, Romans 15:4-13 (Advent Reading: Luke 1:26-56)
  • 12/16/09 – Understand the Manger, Romans 1:1-7 (Advent Reading: Luke 1:57-80)

As in year’s past, we will gather around Word and Sacrament following the rite of Evening Praise, using the Service of Light beginning.  Holy Communion will be offered according to the normal schedule (the Wednesdays preceding a first or third Sunday).


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