Posted by: St. Mark Lutheran Church | August 21, 2009

Religious News from Around the World

Some interesting news from around the religious world that I ran across recently:

Ever since the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), when people of the Jewish faith were described as “people of God” it has become a tricky business to figure out how Jews and Christians relate for theologians in the Catholic Church.  Is Judaism a saving faith?  Or do Jews need Jesus?

This obviously wouldn’t happen in a Lutheran church!

A few quotes from the recently adopted social statement from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America regarding sexuality in general, but especially controversial for its stand on same-sex relationships — as it seems to endorse them — or, at the very least, ask those who believe homosexuality is sinful to not speak to loudly against such relationships.  This document opens the door for the next step — full acceptance of same-sex relationships, whether as civil unions or marriages.

Since 1958 this has been happening in Swedish churches.  What happens when the authority of Scripture is rejected.  The Gospel is lost.

A letter from the pontiff for the churches around the world.

Note the closing request to pray to Mary to pray for you.

This is the problem?!  Note the interesting quote:  “Many people get their sex education from porn movies.”

A touch of local (Dallas-Fort Worth) color.


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