Posted by: St. Mark Lutheran Church | July 26, 2009

Quotes from Concord — Keep on preaching and teaching the basics!

We have no small reasons for constantly preaching the catechism and for both desiring and begging others to teach it.  For sadly we see that many pastors and preachers are very negligient in this matter and slight both their office and this teaching.  Some neglect the catechism because of great and high art, giving their mind, as they imagine, to much ‘higher’ matters.  But others neglect it from sheer laziness and care for their bellies.  They take no other stand in this business than to act as pastors and preachers for their bellies’ sake.  They have nothing to do but spend and consume their wages as long as they live, just as they used to do under the papacy!

— Luther’s Large Catechism, “Longer Preface,” paragraph 1, Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions, Readers’ Edition


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